Full Immersion Courses

Our Full Immersion courses are an effective solution for all learners who need to learn Italian but who have little time to do so.

6 hours of classroom per day, plus 1.5 h for lunch, with a teacher who will constantly urge you to speak in Italian in an active and stimulating way.

Ideal for business people, for professionals but also for researchers and for students on specialization programs.

Besides improving their "general" competence in Italian, learners will develop the specific language they need for their work.

The benefits are immediately apparent: much more confidence and fluency in spoken Italian, and not just at work.

The standard course lasts 5 days, and can be repeated as much as the learner needs, either consecutively or at appropriate intervals.

Full Immersion for maximum yield on the shortest of times:
Full throttle work in a warm and reassuring space