Language learning does not consist in a mechanical transfer of structures and notions from teacher to learner who passively receives them.

On the contrary, it involves the development in the learner of an ability to perceive and explore language with increasing independence.

From the very start, the learner is presented with authentic language, and is taught how to target and master language structures whilst actually using the language in question.

Above all, the approach and method are direct and communicative, and are based on the student’s specific needs and characteristics.

Envolving the students in differing activities, the method aims at the balanced development of the 4 abilities:
listening - speaking - reading – writing.

Materials include:

  • Authentic teaching materials, from widely varying sources (films, newspaper articles, recordings of interviews and dialogues, etc.) which collectively offer learners a thorough cross section of the Italian language
  • Italian as Second Language texts that are fully attuned to modern classroom needs
  • Systematic exercise materials developed by ITA2

The development of phonetic competence is a cornerstone of all courses.

The learner is the protagonist in his or her learning.