A. Refresher & Update Seminars for Teachers

What criteria do you use when selecting texts? How much time and space should you give to phonetics and how do you to teach this aspect of language? How can you turn a group’s diversity to everybody’s advantage to form effective, coherent groups? What is Cooperative Learning? How do you exploit video material? (example of a seminar)

These are some of the topics dealt with in the Seminars. Each Seminar consists in 6-8 hours of activities, and takes place in a single 1- day session.

At ITA2 we also conduct Seminars in Pavia for non-native speakers of Italian who teach Italian abroad. A week in length, such Seminars cover a wide range of topics, including: linguistic and methodological theory, analysis and performance of modern classroom techniques and a systematic approach to the teaching of phonetics. All of which is complemented by a rich cultural programme.

B. Seminars for Trainee Teachers

For anyone who wants to become a teacher but who has no (or little) experience of the classroom, this is a good opportunity  to develop an overall view of the major challenges and issues in language teaching(upon request).

All Seminars balance theory with practical teaching experience.