Hours and prices

Course types Hours (60 full minutes) Price (per person)
Individual High flexibility € 36,00 per hour
Pair High flexibility if the pair is formed prior to the course € 18,00 per hour
Standard group course Every first Monday of the month it is possible* to activate a monthly course of 2 hours a day, Monday to Friday, for 4 levels (beginner – elementary – intermediate – advanced). The timetable can be increased to 4 hours per day, and hence 20 hours per week.
* Activation is dependent on there being a minimum 4 learners. Minimum duration for a group course is 40 hours.
€ 480,00 (40 hours)
Made-on-measure Group course For a minimum three students with the same linguistic level and who can share the same timetable, twice or three times per week, every lesson lasts 2 hours. € 12 per hour
Full immersion The programme consists in 7,5 hours per day (from 9:00 to 17:00) for 5 days. Upon request we can organize Weekend Full Immersion programmes. € 1500 lunch inclusive
Seminars Hours Price per person
Topic-specific Refresher/Update Seminars for Italian teachers 6 – 8 hours per day, Saturday and/or Sunday € 70,00 (6 hours per day)
€ 90,00 (8 hours per day)
General Teacher-Training Seminars for Italian teachers Tailored to the group’s needs 650,00 € per settimana*
5-Day Seminars for foreign teachers of Italian 5 days, Monday to Friday, on January and on July € 650,00 per week **

* These prices are exclusive of VAT which is currently 22%. *** Includes:
- Language programme
- ITA2 teaching materials
- Cultural programme (theatre tickets, guided museum tours, etc.)
- One lunch or dinner per day
- Bus and/or Train tickets

* excludes
Accommodation. However ITA2 will help you to find suitable accommodation, either b&b, or a Hotel, or a flat. Please advise us in advance.
text books not produced by ITA2