ITA2, Training centre for Italian language and culture.

We have been in Pavia since 2001, right in the historic centre of the town, but Giuliana Gori, the founder of ITA 2, has been a teacher and trainer in the field for more than 25 years.

The teachers who work with Giuliana Gori are all native speakers of Italian. As well as being highly qualified and experienced in the field, they all put the learner first.

What ITA2 means?

It is an acronym for Italian as a second language, i.e. a language which is learned in its country of origin. Learners at ITA 2 are stimulated to explore and participate in the life of Pavia, and to bring their life -and language- experiences with them to school. Pavia’s homely size, its beauty and culture will help them to learn!

ITA2 is an important hub in a great network of learning.

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